viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

Products of Catalonia

The OLIVE OIL is a basic element in the Catalan kitchen: The Catalan oil has well gained the fame by its low acidity and in which it emphasizes obtained of the olive "ARBERQUINA" (small, round olive and polishes). Another variety of interesting olive is the olive "PERELLONA".

The channels derived from the rivers, the deltaicas zones and the Catalan phreatic waters favor their culture. They are appreciable products of orchard: garlic, the onion and the tomato. All of them fundamental ones like ingredients of many Catalan plates.

The SOFRITO, the sauce mother of the Catalan kitchen make use of three products of orchards before mentioned. The onion, garlic and the tomato; all rehogado it to olive oil untimed fire.

Flavorful "ESCALIVADA" one is made up of onion, garlic, tomato, pepper, eggplant; all roasted it on live coals.

Barroca "SAMFAINA" (Catalan chicken broth species) it consists of the union of the escalivada one with marrow. "faves (habas) to catalana" is emblematic plate of the Catalan kitchen;. Catalonia is a country of lovers and finders (boletaires) of MUSHROOMS.

Also they comprise of the most remote culinaria tradition of Catalonia an ample set of own aromatic grass of the Mediterranean vegetation such as: - the thyme, - the romero, - the ajedrea, - hinojo, - the oregano, - the parsley, - the laurel, - the mint, - I comine, - the anise... etc

The Catalan INLAYS (pig meat) are of excellent quality. Its presentation takes care of different forms:
- the products (bacon, jamón, garlic sausage, back...) are conserved in salt.
- the pricked meat of different parts from the body of the pig is conserved with spices and salt within the guts of the pig. Crude inlay to cook (fried or to the live coal) as they are the sausages and the BUTIFARRAS. (One of the most typical plates of the Catalan kitchen is the WHITE STRING BEANS with BUTIFARRA).
- the DRY INLAYS like the LLONGANISSA, the FUET, BACK EMBUCHADO. - One releases series of COOKED INLAYS as they are the BUTIFARRA of LANGUAGE, LIVER, EGG etc...
- the SEMICONSERVAS INLAYS like the WHITE BUTIFARRA (without blood) or the BLACK BUTIFARRA (with blood, or without onion).

The SALT MEATS in Catalonia
- "ARENGADA" it consists of helmet sardines, pressed and conserved in salt.
- the CODFISH at the present time is to manjar expensive and prestigious that appears in diverse plates: - "ESQUEIXADA", salad with desalted and crumbled crude codfish.
- the CODFISH to the LLAUMA - the roasted CODFISH
- Another product of great acceptance is the brine ANCHOVIES.

- the ESCUDELLA I CARN D´OLLA that consists of a vegetable broth with meat of pig, calf and hen.
- BREAD with TOMATO, slice of BREAD PAYÉS, sometimes toasted, restregada with the pulp of the tomato and flavored with oil and salt. The accompanied bread or with jamón, inlay or tortilla eat only.
- the RECAPTE COCAINE is a very thin mass of horneada bread with onion, inserted pepper and other vegetables as well as, sardines of helmet etc...

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